Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.

With a career spanning more than 20 years, the media considers Mr Kirti Seth to be one of the leading expert astrologers & Vaastu consultant, sharing his amazing and uncanny insight with the "who's who" of the entertainment industry and worldwide clientele.
He has been associated in the past 20 years, in the field of trans astral and periodic predictions for individuals based on periodic details.
The path of trans astral is an advance stage of astrology and medium towards solutions based guidance.

Though he began his journey as a predictor ,at a tender age of 12 years.His skills were polished under the guidance of His Res.GURUJI(Acharya Gopal Dass Shukla ji). It was under his geniousness of his Guruji, that he chose him to be his disciple. His expertise is in the field of complete solutions based kundli readings & predictions,Vaastu,Career guidance,praanik healing, numerology, palmistry. Trans astral path helps one to the accuracy and timings for the people associated with projects ,films,speculation business,artists,students,estate developers and strugglers.

He was voted one of the top astrologers by KNTV .
His articles on Vaastu and Astrology graced the pages of national English daily DNA(Mumbai) He makes frequent appearances at, such as Balaji Abhishek Pooja at Mukteshwar Temple juhu Mumbai on 23rd April 2014 and various other rituals., Grand Opening Store events, and more. He is holding the position of Vice President,at He has given advices to people from films,media,indviduals and people from all walks of life. His detailed solution based advices have done wonders for many in past. He has also developed a rare art for weather predictions, which can be very helpful to people living in areas, where rainfall is very scanty or where rains are needed.