A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth.

The word horoscope is derived from Greek words meaning "a look at the hours" (horoskopos, pl. horoskopoi, or "marker(s) of the hour.") Other commonly used names for the horoscope in English include astrological chart, astro-chart, celestial map, sky-map, star-chart, cosmogram, vitasphere, radical chart, radix, chart wheel, or simply chart.

To create a horoscope, an astrologer first has to ascertain the exact time and place of the subject's birth, or the initiation of an event. The local standard time (adjusting for any daylight saving time or war time) is then converted into Greenwich Mean Time or Universal Time at that same instant.

The astrologer then has to convert this into the local sidereal time at birth in order to be able to calculate the ascendant and midheaven. The astrologer will next consult a set of tables called an ephemeris, which lists the location of the Sun, Moon and planets for a particular year, date and sidereal time, with respect to the northern hemisphere vernal equinox or the fixed stars (depending on which astrological system is being used).
The astrologer then adds or subtracts the difference between the longitude of Greenwich and the longitude of the place in question to determine the true local mean time (LMT) at the place of birth to show where planets would be visible above the horizon at the precise time and place in question. Planets hidden from view beneath the earth are also shown in the horoscope.

The horoscope features 12 sectors around the circle of the ecliptic, starting from the eastern horizon with the ascendant or rising sign. These 12 sectors are called the houses and numerous systems for calculating these divisions exist. Tables of houses have been published since the 19th Century to make this otherwise demanding task easier.

Personal and Confidential:

Life seems to have been keeping you very, very busy lately.

You badly need a break from the routine! Ganesha is advising you to engage yourself in activities that make you happy, and would help you relax.

You may develop new hobbies or restart/reinstate the plans that you may have dropped earlier. This will help you explore your potential to the fullest.The life is extremely fast-paced today, and the world can sometimes be alien, leaving you feeling very lonely. Plus, there are so many things that you cannot share with your friends or relations.

Do not let these worries bother you any longer.

We are here to listen to you, and be your friend, astrologer and guide.

Love & Relationships:

Whether you're happily coupled up or seeking your perfect match, love means being open to finding ways to enhance romance. Let your sign be your guide to making this your year of love.

FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) As a Fire Sign, you can light a fire under your romantic life by considering the other person's interests.

If you've found your match: Do you have a true love who lives to jog, but you hate running? Suggest that you join a gym together or sign up for a class - or even just start taking walks or playing a sport. Play together and you'll stay together. Show that you care about what your partner wants. You may have to leave your comfort zone, but the renewal of your love will be well worth the risk.

If you're still looking: Do you have your eye on someone you'd like to know better? Ask about that special someone's favorite activities and try them yourself. You just might discover a new passion - and a new love!

Lots of things are catching your eye, but try to resist the temptation. If you're planning to make a major purchase, ask your sweetie for their input, shop around and make an informed decision.

You'll find yourself fascinated with the techie realm, especially old-school stuff. You might find new ways to make use of those ol' gadgets for fun, for profit or maybe even both.
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Pythagoras identified this number with Godhead. It is the base of all numbers. It contains everything, and everything is derived from it. It is indivisible. It stands for ambition and assertion.

It represents the positive side of life and creation. It is a number of success and power, achieved by determination and will-power. Consequently, Number 1 people are ambitious, and whatever be their occupation, they overcome all hurdles and impediments and, more often than not, rise to the top. These are the positive and good qualities associated with this number.

The negative qualities are weakness, laziness, fear, and destruction. What do we mean by negative qualities?

We shall use this expression again and again in the context of other numbers, and it is necessary to explain this expression.

When the Sun, presiding over number 1 at the time of birth, is weak, it does not bestow the positive qualities of ambition and assertion, determination and indefatigable energy on the native. Rather, the native is indolent and indecisive.

Numerology also follows the same rules.


This report provides an indepth analysis about your temperament, characteristics and personality, strengths and weaknesses, the favorable and unfavorable aspects.

You will get the following details in your Janampatrika : janampatrika, hindi janampatrika Birth details Astro chart containing Yoni, Karana, Gana, Tithi, etc, report about your Lagna, Nakshatra, Day, Date, Tithi, Month, Sade-sati time, etc.


Vastu Shastra:

Vastu Shastra (vāstu śāstra, vastu veda, vastuvidya, Thachu Shastra, Thatchu Shasthra, "science of construction", "architecture") is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings.

The designs are based on directional alignments. It used to be applied in Hindu architecture, especially for Hindu temples, and covers other domains, including vehicles, vessels, furniture, sculpture, paintings etc. The foundation of Vastu is traditionally ascribed to the sage Maamuni Mayan (Mahaa-muni Maya, a daanava/demon reformed by tapasyaa/austerities) in South India, and Vishvakarman in North India.

While Vastu had long been essentially restricted to temple architecture, there has been a revival of it in India, in recent decades, notably under the influence of late V.

Ganapati Sthapati, who has been campaigning for a restoration of the tradition in modern Indian society since the 1960s. While the fields are related, Shilpa Shastra explicitly deal with sculpture – forms, statues, icons, stone murals etc.

vastu shastra
The doctrine of Vastu Shastra is concerned primarily with architecture – building houses, forts, temples, apartments and other buildings.

As per vaastu expert of olden time Raj Vallabh for good life a good home is needed and attributes for good home include-

1. Suitability of the city according to our stars
2. Directions
3. Soil
4. Day
5. Nakshatras and lastly start the construction according to the positions of vaastu Purush.

In simple words as lord Brahma has made our body a residing place for our soul in the same way we have to make harmonious house for the body to live in. This ensures overall enhancement and better quality life for individuals.

Rituals and Vidhis:

Homa (also known as homam or havan) is a Sanskrit word (Sanskrit: हवन) which refers to any ritual in which making offerings into a consecrated fire is the primary action.Its practice by "Rishis" in ancient time refers close to the Vedic era. At present, the words homa/homam and havan are interchangeable with the word Yajna & Agnihotra.
Homas are an important religious practice in Hinduism where they are part of most Sanskar ceremonies. They are also prevalent in current-day Buddhism (particularly the Tibetan and Japanese Vajrayana traditions) and Jainism.

The consecrated fire forms the focus of devotions; it is often maintained on specific types of dung, wood, dried coconut (copra) and/or other combustibles. The fire-altar (vedi or homa/havan kunda) is generally made of brick or stone or a copper vessel, and is almost always built specifically for the occasion, being dismantled immediately afterwards. This fire-altar is invariably built in square shape. While very large vedis are occasionally built for major public homas, the usual altar may be as small as 1 x 1 foot square and rarely exceeds 3 x 3 feet square.

Again, whereas major altars at public events may include a hollowing of the earth to create a relatively deep pit, usual altars involve no such excavation and indeed rise only inches above the ground.

Solution for marrige problems:

Like every other human being, we descend on the earth plane to cease the old karmas that we have carried along with us from our previous lifetimes.

The role of karmas can be both optimistic and pessimistic depending on whether they are good or bad. While good ones can bless you with marital bliss, bad ones can result in a number of marriage problems like delayed marriages or frequent quarrels between couples or other relationship problems like misunderstandings, domination and infidelity, wrecking havoc in any relationships etc.

Pre-marriage problems:You want to marry your love mate but facing problems such as you love someone but you haven’t proposed her/him for marriage yet, you want to get the desired life partner, Inter caste Marriage, Inter Religion Marriage, your Parents or your lover’s parents are not agree for marriage, not getting married due to some dosh (Discrepancy) in your Kundli (Horoscope) etc.

Every problem has solution, Just Contact Love Problem Astrologer- The Love marriage specialist to get right and effective consultation and astrological remedies for all kinds of Pre-Marriage (love marriage as well as arrange marriage) problems.

Post-marriage problems: Marriage problems are one of the greatest challenges in life.

There could be many reasons for these types of situations where the love is missing in married life. While it’s human nature to resist change, change is in fact a part of everyday life.

Marriages like most other things in life change grow and evolve over time. It means the affiliation you have with your spouse today is diverse than it was last year. Ideally, your marriage relationship will get better or bitter over time depends on circumstances.

It happens a lot that couple reach a point in their married life where there seems to be no time for each other. So many things are there to handle like - Kids, Work, Schooling, Email, Favorite TV shows or sports teams, Cooking, Taxes and Shopping etc.

All of a sudden, it's just too much. You need to realize that problems in marriage are bound to come, because two individuals having different personalities meet and astrologically their planetary impact are different. In such conditions, clashes are bound to take place.

Keep in mind; times are not the same always. When a person gets married, there are lots of added responsibilities that one has to bear.

Rudra therapy:

Suffering from an ailment that no amount of medication and modern treatment methods could cure? Is your life a living hell with having to take in all those medicines in different shapes and sizes?

We suggest Rudratherapy to such clients. Anyone with problems such as sinusitis, back aches, knee joint pain, allegories, migraines etc., can opt for the Rudratherapy offered at Shubh Astrology. Other than health issues, we have solutions for low concentration levels, memory loss, negative thoughts, and emotional instability etc too.

Just name a problem and our Rudratherapists will solve it. Our clients’ good mental and physical health is our major concern and we put Rudratherapy to best use to achieve this. ChakrasThere are seven basic Chakras that are associated with the human body. All the seven points are found along the spine of the human body.

A chakra is a point of energy in the Astral Body and based on these seven chakras, the senses and perceptions can also be divided into seven categories.
The Seven Chakras are:
  • Root Chakra or Muladhara (root) for endurance and greed
  • Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana (sweetness) for purity and affection
  • Navel Chakra or Manipura (lustrous gem) for frustration
  • Heart Chakra or Anahata (fresh) for impatience
  • Throat Chakra or Visuddha (refinement) for ego
  • Third eye Chakra or Ajna (perceive) for experiencing God-In-Self or Atman
  • Crown Chakra or Sahasrara (thousand-fold) for non-duality
The Chakra not only reveals an individual’s physical and spiritual health but also the Karma based on which the entire life is.
For a healthy body and mind, it is important to know if the Chakras in our body are balanced or not. At we will guide our clients through the process of balancing the Chakras to ensure that the health is in perfect condition. Further, if one gets to know the status of the Chakras in his/her body, it will ensure a closer movement towards the soul. For a contended life, the energy and vibrations of the seven chakras is completely indispensable.
Chakras and PlanetsWhen astrology has an impact on the Chakras, the planets cannot be left out. There is a strong association between the seven Chakras and the planets as well. Both the chakras and planets have an influence on the health and mind of an individual extensively. Studies, in fact, have revealed that there is a correlation between the seven chakras and the planets in astrology. Planets that correspond with the Chakras
1st Chakra – Saturn
2nd Chakra – Pluto
3rd Chakra – Sun and Mars
4th Chakra – Venus
5th Chakra – Jupiter and Mercury
6th Chakra – Neptune
7th Chakra – Uranus

This will certainly give a better interpretation of your mind and health.


‘Muhurtha’ means a moment. We live our lives moment by moment. When we receive good planetary energies, that moment is called ‘auspicious moment’ and if the planets deliver bad energies, then it is called ‘bad moment’.

One plausible etymology for the term breaks muhūrta into two parts, "muhu" (sudden) and "rta" (order). The author of Rig Veda III.33.5 seems aware of this, and uses it for word play.

Rta refers to the natural, yearly order of the seasons, so that the term muhūrta refers to the daily reflection of these.

In general Muhurthas where the person wants to join a job or attending an interview or going on a short journey, setting good ‘Taara bala’ and ‘Chanra bala’ is sufficient. But for important ceremonies like thread ceremony, marriage, nuptials, entry into a new house, etc, we should eliminate bad energies from the Muhurtha which is called ‘Panchaka rahita’.

Count the number of lunar day (thithi), the number of the week day (1st is Sunday), the number of the constellation (1st is Aswini) and the number of the Ascendant (1st is Aries) of the Muhurtha. Add them together and divide the total by 9. See what the remainder represents:

1 – Mrityu Panchka – danger to life.
2 – Agni Panchaka – risk from fire.
4 – Raja Panchaka – risk from Government.
6 – Chora Panchaka – threat from thieves.
8 – Roga Panchaka – diseases.

So, the above numbers should be eliminated. If the remainder is 0, 3, 5 or 7 then it is good. For example, if a person wants to start a new business on a day and time when the lunar day is 13th (Triyodasi), the constellation is Pubba, the rising sign is Leo, and the weekday is Monday. Calculating Panchaka, we get:
Number of lunar day: 13
Number of constellation: 11
Number of week day: 2
Number of Ascendant: 5
Total: 31

Now dividing this number 31 by 9, we get 4 as remainder. This number 4 represents Raja Panchakam and hence the person will face a lot of troubles from the Government, Police, Taxes and Legal departments. Hence that Muhurtha is not auspicious for the person.

Baby name:

Aries (Mesha) (The Ram, Mar 21-Apr 19)
Confidence, independence, boldness and idealism are associated with those born under this sun sign. They are believed to be competitive, goal-oriented and passionate about what they believe in.
Names that begin with the letters A, L, and the syllable Ch are considered auspicious for babies born under this sign.

Taurus (Vrishabha) (The Bull, Apr 20-May 20)
Prominent Taurean personality traits include stubbornness, loyalty and devotion. They are believed to be very kind, loving and reliable individuals.
Names starting with I, U, E, O, Wa, We, Wi and Wo are believed to bring luck to those belonging to this sign.

Gemini (Mithuna) (The Twins, May 21-June 21)
Intelligence, ambitiousness and quick wit are associated with this sun sign. Those born under this sign are capable of quickly adapting to any situation. They are charming, articulate and charismatic individuals.
Astrologers suggest that you may consider choosing names beginning with A, H, Gh, Ka, Ke and Ko to name your Gemini baby.
babay name

Cancer (Karka) (The Crab, June 22-July 22)
Emotional, sensitive, nurturing, sympathetic - these are some of the qualities associated with Cancer. Those born under this sun sign are considered to be very artistic because of their heightened sensitivity.
Names beginning with Da, De, Do, He, Hi, Ho and Hu are believed to be appropriate for babies born under this sign.

Leo (Singha) (The Lion, July 23-Aug 22)
Generous and warm-hearted, these individuals are very protective of those close to them. They are also believed to possess a strong streak of creativity. They may be highly temperamental because of their energetic and enthusiastic nature.
You may consider names beginning with Ma, Me, Mo, Ta, Te and To for your Leo baby.

Virgo (Kanya) (The Virgin, Aug 23-Sept 22)
Virgos are believed to be calm, level-headed individuals. They are not prone to impulsive actions and think through consequences before they take the leap. Virgos possess a sharp mind; they are practical and meticulous but also modest and shy.
The syllables for Virgo names are Pa, Pe, Po, Sh, Ta and Th.

Libra (Tula) (The Scales, Sept 23-Oct 23)
Those born under the sign of Librans are diplomatic and sophisticated. They often tend to have a wide social circle and are romantics at heart.
Ra, Re, Ro, Ta, Te and To are believed to be lucky syllables to start a Librans baby's name.

Scorpio (Vrushchika) (The Scorpion, Oct 24-Nov 21)
Scorpios are powerful, passionate and charismatic. They draw people towards them like a magnet. Scorpios are exciting and sometimes flamboyant, but they also have an emotional side.
Astrologers suggest choosing names that start with Na, Ne, No, To, Ya, Ye and Yu for Scorpio babies.

Sagittarius (Dhanu) (The Archer, Nov 22-Dec 21)
The Archer is a highly optimistic individual. Those born under the Sagittarius sign love their freedom and are good-humoured. They have an intellectual curiosity about everything around them and are often philosophical.
Names starting with Bh, Dh, Ph, Ta, Ye and Yo are believed to bring luck to people belonging to this sign.

Capricorn (Makara) (The Goat, Dec 22-Jan 19)
Loyalty and ambition are the hallmarks of Capricorn. They are highly disciplined and work their way steadily towards achieving anything that they set their minds on. Though they may come across as reserved, they have a great sense of humour.
Names beginning with Bh, Ga, Ge, Ja, Je and Kh are believed to be best for babies born under this sign.

Aquarius (Kumbha) (The Water Carrier, Jan 20-Feb 18)
Aquarians like to be different from everyone else. They are friendly, honest and loyal and are often the life of the party. Aquarians are independent and free-thinkers.
You may consider names starting with Da, Ge, Go, Sa, Se and So to bring luck to your Aquarian baby.

Pisces (Meena) (The Fish, Feb 19-Mar 20)
Selfless, sympathetic, compassionate and kind, Pisceans are perhaps the softies of the Zodiac. They are highly imaginative and excel in creative arts.
You may consider choosing names beginning with Ch, De, Jh, Th and Ya for your Piscean baby.

Gem Selections(Ratana):

From the very dawn of civilization, man has been fascinated by brilliant, shiny, colourful shells, stones and crystals. Their possession made him more important than others.

Gems have always been regarded as bringers of peace,prosperity and happiness. Favourable gems bring about name, fame, power and make life easier.

Ancient scriptures from across the world have praised gems as powerful agents of energy that influence human fate and destiny, induce good energy and expel the negative energy that produces sickness and suffering.

In Tantra Sara, a major tantrik scripture , the human body is stated to be an island of nine gems. These nine gems known as nav-ratnas correspond with the nine dhatus(ingredients) of which the human body is composed. The Tantra Sara gives a clear statement of their correspondence to the nav-ratnas, which is very helpful in understanding the relationship of gems with the human organism.Wearing these gems influences the dhatus and the psychophysical well-being.

The puranas present beautiful stories about the origin of gems and their relationship with the nine planets.The nav-ratna(nine gems) are divided into two groups:-Precious and Semi-precious.Diamond, pearl, Ruby, Blue-Sapphire and Emerald are precious gems whereas hessonite, yellow sapphire, cats eye and coral fall in the category of semi-precious gems. This division is based neither on the market value of the gems nor on their brilliance,lustre or durability but on their utility and their influence on the human psyche, body,chemistry and electro magnetic field.

There is no disagreement in the relationship of gems to planets.Most Indian astrologers and gem therapists agree on the use of gemstone related to the moon sign(rashi).(The moon sign means the placement of moon in a particular sign of the Zodiac). It is not always beneficial to select gemstones just because they are related to moon sign(rashi). To wear a gem, is to add the energy of the planet related to the gem and if the planet is badly aspected it will only add to ones problems. Hence it is always necessary to consult a gem therapist or a good astrologer before selecting a gem.